Website redesigned

Hello everyone!

It's Adam, here with my (once again) redesigned website. A few new things here:

  • There's a new blog section (yes, my very first blog!) where I may (or may not) share some of the latest cool things that I encounter. Feel free to subscribe to the RSS~
  • This time, it's built on top of an infrastructure very similar to Google Devsite. In fact, I modified the code from the infra of Web Fundamentals, an open-source project by Google. It's similar to Jekyll but rendered dynamically on Google App Engine.

Hopefully, everything will go smoothly with my new site.



Adam 带着它的(再次)重新设计的网站来了,这里有几点声明:

  • 这次网站有了全新的博客区域(耶!易轩宝宝的第一个博客),我可能(也可能不)在上面放一些我最近遇到的我觉得很有意思的东西,欢迎订阅 RSS
  • 这次,网站基于一个非常类似于Google Devsite的基础设施。事实上,我修改了 Google 的开源项目 Web Fundamentals 的底层代码。这和 Jekyll 很像,只不过是基于 GAE 动态渲染的页面。