Not so-serious

University of New South Wales

As staff, tutoring database and networks courses, designed assignment for web security. As student, 1st place in CSE Performance Award for the single best-performing CSE student in Year 2. Faculty of Engineering Dean's Award in 2020 for best performance across entire School of Engineering.

Cyber Challenge Australia 2018

Second Place (awards include tickets, flights, accomodation to Kiwicon in New Zealand and Canberra, and a new Pixel phone). Australia's only national cybersecurity competition, run by Australian Government, Telstra, PwC, Cisco, Microsoft, Commonwealth Bank, Splunk, BAE Systems, HackLabs


One of four core researchers in team of 12 at CHIMPS Lab, Human-Computer Interaction Institute, Carnegie Mellon University, guided by Fanglin Chen, Ph.D. to build a smart Android instant messaging assistant; in charge of framework architecture design.


Led a team of 4 to develop a Model United Nations platform that strives to radically revolutionize how high school Model UN works in China. It had served 3 conferences, 170+ registered schools, and 2,000+ registered users, with 500+ max daily active users, 235,000+ total visits and 490,000+ CNY cash flow.

White Hat (Ethical) Hacking

Found and reported 10+ vulnerabilities to large companies, like GlobalCash (a prepaid MasterCard provider in Hong Kong), Apple Inc, eYou (one of the two largest email server software providers in China), etc.


Built a crowd-sourcing website and hired 2,500+ mTurk workers to annotate sensitive information to train a deep learning PII scrubbing algorithm, at CHIMPS Lab, Human-Computer Interaction Institute, Carnegie Mellon University.

SECedu CTF 2019 by UNSW and CommBank

Built 20+ services and infrastructure for a fictional company as "hacking competition" target, including a zero-trust network environment (BeyondCorp-like). Also in charge of building, deployment, continuous integration, and stability of the entire system.
a Google-like go/ links service. Deployed on GCP and integrated with GSuite!

Google Developers Community Programs

Translated subtitles of keynotes and sessions of Google I/O 2016 and 2017 into Chinese for YouTube, StudyJams, Youku, and Bilibili; invited to Google I/O 2017 as a community partner; co-organized several events like TensorFlow Dev Summit 2018 Extended Beijing

Notes to Keep

Export all your Apple iCloud Notes to your Google Keep.


A DNS Server which lets IPv4-prioritized devices to use IPv6 first, or lets IPv6-prioritized devices to use IPv4 first.

BSides Sydney 2019

Volunteer. BSides is an Information Security conference. This is the first ever BSides in Sydney!

Chaoli Forum

Member of the initial development team of an online forum for Math, Physics, Chemistry and Informatics enthusiasts, that now has 6,000+ users and 42,000+ threads (developed on top of esoTalk, a no-longer-maintained open-source project).

Beijing 101 High School

Co-founded the Technology Department of the school Student Union, elected as Vice-Director, and became Director in senior year; Co-managed 101MUN club, the second largest club in the school; Completed 2 engineering research projects and received Gold Medal and Special Award at 43rd International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva, and 20,000 CNY award at the 16th (National) Awarding Program for Future Scientists.